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In 1988 Yannis Kouroudis founded Kouroudis Design. In 2002 the firm changed its name to κ2design after the addition of new members and the expansion of their work and services. Today κ2design consists of a team of specialists and a number of external associates, offering unique and highly creative solutions to the communicative needs of its clients. It offers complete services of branding and design, the study and design of corporate identity, and product communication through conventional and digital means. It aims to express any message in a simple but effective manner, with content and high aesthetic standards. κ2design is one of the most awarded Greek graphic design firms. It has received numerous awards, prizes, commendations both in Greece and abroad.




CATEGORY: Food & Gourmet TITLE: Adamantina / Pasta Packaging AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Wine & Champagne TITLE: Bianco Nero Wine Packaging AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: Candies korres AGENCY: K2 Design AWARD: Ebge Awards
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CATEGORY: Beverages TITLE: Christodoulou Packaging AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Food & Gourmet TITLE: Kayak Icecreams AGENCY: K2 Design AWARD: Ebge Awards
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: Korres Body Showergels AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Beauty & Health TITLE: Korres Sets / Fragrances AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Beauty & Health TITLE: Korres toothpaste AGENCY: K2 Design AWARD: European Design Awards
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CATEGORY: Olive Oil TITLE: Krokees Olive oil AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: Ral / Premium acrylic paints AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: WWF Emulsion paints AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: Cosmos Fresh / Emulsion paints AGENCY: K2 Design  
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CATEGORY: Packaging TITLE: EDESMA / Frozen Food AGENCY: K2 Design  
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