DESIGNLOBBY.ASIA  was formed in order to promote and connect creative talent from Europe in Asia. It was founded in March of 2012 by Vassilios P Bartzokas and has steadily worked its way to the forefront of design in Asia. We are a platform that helps creatives connect with end corporations, institutions, super brands and individuals in Asia. We focus to address design-related issues through a number of programmes and events. Primarily funded by our members annual contributions and event participations and we are interested for donations and sponsorships by corporations, institutions and inviduals who can understand the value of Design and are willing to support our program. We are open to innovative collaborations with groups and corporations fro all sectors of society. For more information about how you can contribute and our Sponsorship possibilities, please contact us.


Since we started in 2012, we have established strong relationships with corporations, institutions and individuals who understand the value of Design to society and to the corporations with whom we are working hand by hand. Designlobby is supported by the Greek Graphic Design Association, the Greek Graphic Design Awards organization, DESIGNMAG, the EUROPEAN LEADERS Institution, etc. If you are willing to become a Supporter and contribute with services or small donations please contact us


Designlobby is in close collaboration with some of the most prestigeous institutions and schools of design and architecture. Those institutions are standing by DESIGNLOBBY.ASIA and help and promote our efforts in various ways. If you wish to join, contact us.


Top magazines, media groups and blogs support our efforts to promote the best of European Designers into the Asian Markets. If you wish to be one of them and be part of our communication partners, please contact us.

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